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The stock front brakes on the '83 quattro are the Girling single piston G54 calipers.

I first upgraded these to the Girling twin piston G60 calipers.

I opted to use stainless steel braided brake lines and ATE slotted powerdisk rotors.

Ultimately, I went with the Porsche calipers and 2 piece rotors.



See the Brake Comparison page for more details.


The stock rear brakes are specific to the urq and use a 1 piece hand brake cable.

I upgraded these to use the vented disk setup from the '91 200q20v/S4/S6/V8. This also requires the use of the 4kq style hand brake cable.

The S4/S6 rotors must be used to get the correct offset.


Since the handbrake cable mechanism always sticks, it is best to rebuild them before installation.