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The long line of Audis begins with this '80 5000s.

I bought it in 1989 with 160k miles.

# 2 was a '85 5000s that I bought in May of '90 with a little collision damage. The damage was much worse when I was through with it.

The insurance money from the above, allowed me to afford 2 cars. The '84 5000t pictured below and an '84 Coupe GT that I painted with the Audi rally paint scheme. The 5kt had 104k miles on it when I bought it in August of '90. A manual transmission was not an 'Option' in a 5k turbo until late '85. I upgraded mine to a 5 speed after my home built boost controller smoked the slush box.

You can see my GT between the other 'rally like' 4kqs. I eventually sold the car to my brother.

Here is my 1st quattro. This is an '84 that needed a little work. The engine was broken from the accident, so installed the engine from my wrecked '85 5k.

After I finished the car, I sold it. I would have kept it, but I had too many cars.

By some freak chance, Keith stumbled upon it a few months ago when looking for parts at a local junkyard.

Apparently the new owner didn't appreciate the hard work I put into that car.

My 1st type44 quattro was this pearl white '87 5000tq.

It also needed a little body work when I bought it. I used the nose from the '84 5kt. The '84 was tired at 220k miles.

Once again, I installed my boost controller, and here is the resulting engine change.

A river overflowed in the spring of '98, causing a little water damage to the '87 5ktq. I figured that was enough of that car and sold it to Keith for what it cost to buy it back from the insurance co.

While I working on the above engine swap (Dec '97), I purchased this '94 100q from Clair Audi in Boston. At that time it was by far the newest car I had ever owned. It had only 35k on the clock. It is now driven by my father and still only has 110k on it.

This '86 5ktq was a 'project' I bought in November '98. Because it was an early '86, it didn't even have G60 brakes. I upgraded the fronts to G60 and the rears to 200q20v vented disks.

In Nov. of '99 I bought my 1st 20v. A nice smashed '91 200q20v avant at the right price came my way. I soon found out that fixing bodywork on a 20v 200 is not as cheap as your typical type 44.

It looks a little nicer now. This one is no longer my daily driver as I sold it on 3/28/04, running strong at 265k miles.

The UrQ, it took me a while but I finally bought an '83 in Oct. '00.

In May '01 I bought this '91 200q20vt as an engine donor or the UrQ. Seems a shame to dismantle such a nice car, but I think the Ur deserves it.

My 1st new car, a silver '01 A6 2.7t, 6 speed manual with the sport seupension.

Keith's '86 4kcsq with a blown head gasket looked like a nice rally car project for Matt and I.

The rally project is dead, so this car had to go.

Another '91 200q20vt was bought by Matt and myself in July of '02 as an engine donor for the above 4kq.


The ellusive '95 S6 avant. I purchased this car from Ed Walsh in September 24, 2003.

I bought this 4kq for parts. It didn't look like this when I bought it.

April '06 I bought this '86 Coupe GT. There were more than a few good parts on this car.

On 12/20/06 I obtained this '90 Coupe Quattro from Peter Schulz as another track car project. It remains to be seen what comes of it.

09/08/07 I picked up this gem, a '93 S4. It is quite rough, but I think I will part it out anyway.