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The doors on my car were virtually perfect. There was no rust or damage,

however I wanted to modernize the door handles.

I had a set of doors from the'91 20020v that I parted out,

so I cut sheet metal around the door handle and grafted it into the urq door.

My welding isn't the best on this thin metal.

You can see where I warped the door.

I let someone else do the driver's door.

After a little body filler, it looks OK.

I wanted to use the chrome door latches from the '91 200, but they are slightly different.

They look the same, but the door does not close exacly right when they are installed,

so I painted the urq latches with POR15.

The door handles I sand blasted and had powder coated,

but the powder coating did not come out perfect.

I have another set that I wll have done again.

The lock cylinder has a lot of extra features used for the alarm and heating element in the 200.

Since these will not be used in this application, I removed them.

This makes installation in the urq door a little easier.


Since these doors are from an '87 Coupe GT, this allows me to use the later style power window regulator.

This plastic on the inside of the door is very important.

It is a vapor barrier. It keeps water that travels down the window from entering the car.

I will need to find someting to replace it with when I reinstall the interior door panel.


Hinge Pin Replacement