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Notice that the center section of the of the cross brace is cut and removed. Using another cross brace from a Coupe GT, I have made this part removable. The part where you have to cut the support was a little scary. No going back now.

Holes were drilled on the top rail and M6 nuts were welded on the back side.

The holes for the bottom brace in the center have M4 nuts welded behind.

A new support was cut from a Coupe GT.

Obviously a little larger that the piece that was removed from my car.

Now timing belt services, etc will be much easier.

Since this part is removable, I figured it should be powder coated. Before any powder coating it needed to be sandblasted, some reinforcement and minor repairs done.

The new support had one sport of rust and it was right at the radiator mount.

I cut out this spot and then cut the same size piece from my old support.

After a little welding and grinding...almost like new. I know, my welding isn't perfect.

After the powder coat, no one will ever know.