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I was in the process of test fitting the rear bumper when I found a few problems.

It all started with a broken bolt. The bumper cover is attached to the lower part of the quarter panel inside the wheel opening by (4) M6 bolts. These bolt thread into nuts that are captive in the sheet metal. I had a few that were broken off.

No problem, I'll drill it out and insert a new rivit nut.

I quickly realized that this metal was none too solid.

Using a angle grinder with a stiff wire wheel attached I cleaned off the entire inner part of the fender lip. There is a lot of undercoating in there that needs to be removed inorder to make a good repair.

I then started cutting out the rusted metal. You have to be careful here.

You have to make sure that whatever you cut out you can weld back in.


I had some factory sheet metal left over from the repair in the front.

My body man didn't use the entire inner fender that I bought for the front,

so I put that metal to good use in the rear.

Fortunately all my handy-work will be hidden by the bumper cover.


While working in the wheel opening I noticed some cracked undercoating, so I hit it with the wire wheel.

Hmm...another problem.

All this cutting and welding and I still haven't gotten to the original problem of fitting the rear bumper.

I guess that is for another day.