1st we start with a '91 200 quattro 20 valve turbo. I bought this car for $4k through Paul at Autobahn in Bow, NH. That is a lot of money for an engine, but fortunately there are other parts in this car that have value. It is a real shame to molest such a car, since there are not a whole lot of these, but I need that 3B.

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The stock WX 2.1 liter 10 valve turbo was ok for its time, but really isn't enough anymore.

The 3B 2.2l 20v turbo used in the '91 200 quattro is a much better choice, but could be better.

Finding an ADU 2.2 liter 20 valve turbo engine from an would be nice,

but quite difficult here in the US, so this is my attempt at making one.


In a few hours the 3B is mine.

Here is the block.

For some reason, I never took a picture of the head the day I removed it.



The block cleaned up nice.

Northern European Automotive in Concord NH did the head work and assembled the engine.

I installed all the accessories.



Finally, the engine is installed.