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Below are a number of items I have for sale.

If you are interested, e-mail me at mike@urq20v.com

Page updated 12/5/10

Urq replica decals.

Set of trunk lid decals (Audi, quattro): $25
Pair of door rings: $65
Complete set (Audi, quattro, pair of door rings): $80

Available in Black or Silver

In the photo below, the decal at the front of the door is the factory original, on one in the rear is the replica.


Decal Placement

'91 200 Front Seats


Center section of urq/400/coupe radiator support. Perfect for making a removable section.



4kq Alt. mount. Used to move alt to driver's side on 3B conversion with no A/C.



(1) H&R Sport Spring S4/S6


This is (1) new rear spring.

See the H&R website for application info.